Geli and glabel ?

Anton Sayetsky vsasjason at
Sun Apr 17 00:21:20 UTC 2016

17 апр. 2016 г. 3:15 пользователь "Warren Block" <wblock at>
> On Sun, 17 Apr 2016, Anton Sayetsky wrote:
>> > No, the /dev/disc device is being used both times.
>> >
>> >   geli attach disc
>> >
>> > creates a disc.eli device.  Now create the label on *that*:
>> >
>> >   glabel label 1213 /dev/disc.eli
>> This just doesn't make any sense bc if device name will change - geli
name will change too. So it's really necessary to build reverse - geli on
top of glabel.
> The label is only created once.  After that, it will be present when the
.eli device is created.
I know. But here an example:
1. Insert one disk
2. Create geli and glabel there
3. Pull out that disk and insert it again in random order with hundred of
other disks
4. Try to find where geli is located
So I can say again - glabel inside geli doesn't make any sense in any
situation. But geli inside glabel makes sense almost always.
> It's possible there is a misunderstanding about what exactly is going on
here, and a concrete example would help.

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