Getting rid of old-libs after upgrade from 8.x -> 9.x

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Fri Apr 15 12:01:50 UTC 2016

On 04/15/16 12:46, Odhiambo Washington wrote:
> Hi guys,
> How do I ensure that the Kerberos / krb5 libraries available on my system
> are up to date ???
> I need to ensure ALL old libraries are updated. Do I have to do portupgrade
> -a to achieve that? It's scary on a production box!

Are you using Kerberos from ports, or from the base system?

If the former, then as part of the major version update, you should be
reinstalling all of your ports anyhow.

If the latter, then the step in the upgrade which deletes old 8.x shlibs
will have you covered.  (That's 'make delete-old-libs' if compiling the
OS from source, or the final invocation of freebsd-update if you used
that method.)



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