building linux ports with x11/nvidia-driver-340 instead of x11/nvidia-driver

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On 04/ 7/16 08:30 PM, maxnix wrote:
> Il giorno Thu, 7 Apr 2016 16:04:43 +0200
>> Is the a knob that i can add to allow me to use the older driver ?
>> Thanks
>> Vikash

What rene says is correct, you will have to modify the Makefiles for

>> emulators/linux-c6
>> x11-toolkits/linux-c6-qt47-x11
>> graphics/linux-c6-glx-utils
>> net-im/skype4

directly. We are not in a position to support more than one
nvidia-driver, and abstracting it away so that you can modify it in
like you can for other things (think openssl vs libressl) . . . well, we
could do that, but no one here has the time to implement it.

Patches accepted :-)

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> Look at the Freshports page for net-im/linux-c6:
> In the "Configuration Options" section there is
> 	NVIDIA_GL=off: libGL support via nvidia-driver
> that is the default. Set this to
> to add support with the nvidia driver. (Note: net-im/linux-c6 is a
> meta-port, that is a collection of many other single ports grouped
> together; so if you choose to compile net-im/linux-c6 with
> NVIDIA_GL=on, all these ports will be compiled with this option
> enabled).
> For net-im/skype4 there is no such option like this, but, apart that,
> the port is marked as Broken
> (, so it will not compile
> anyway. You can use net-im/skype instead, that has the NVIDIA_GL
> switch too.

Jumping in as maintainer of said Skype port:

It is not broken on 10.3-RELEASE or newer. Microsoft switched away from
alsa to pulseaudio, and this requires the new linux emulation we have
available in the new releases.



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