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Matthew Seaman matthew at
Tue Apr 12 07:49:55 UTC 2016

On 12/04/2016 08:04, David Benfell wrote:
> I'm used to rsync from Linux, where one can do rsync -auvz to update the
> files from one directory to another between networked systems.
> The z option gave me trouble in FreeBSD but I guess you can do zz
> instead. I guess I missed a memo on whatever is going on with this.

The FreeBSD port is using the zlib from the base system rather than what
is bundled with rsync.  This does have an effect on functionality,
particularly on interoperability with other versions of rsync.  If
you're using rsync in a diverse environment, it might be an idea to
toggle that option setting in the rsync port and reinstall it.

> Either way, updates don't seem to happen reliably when I do this from a
> Linux system to a FreeBSD system. The failure is silent; it just doesn't
> seem to recognize that a file in the source is newer than the version in
> the destination. And then I wonder why an updated file didn't propagate.

Curious.  Is there any problem going in the other direction?  FreeBSD to
Linux?  What are the versions of rsync on either side?  Does using
compression or not affect the reliability?  (ie. try your rsync without
any compression at all.)  I'm thinking this could be a problem due to
the change in the way the compression option works with different
rsync(1) versions.  Quoting the man page:

                                         This  matching-data  com-
  pression  comes at a cost of CPU, though, and can be disabled by
  repeating the -z option, but only if both  sides  are  at  least
  version 3.1.1.



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