Recovering from X "upgrade" disaster - now what?

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Thu Apr 7 06:59:01 UTC 2016

On 07/04/2016 04:51, Warren Block wrote:
> On Wed, 6 Apr 2016, Will Parsons wrote:
>> Thank you for the suggestions, even if they failed to solve the
>> problem.
>> Happily, I have now got X working again, but to do so I had to restore
>> the entire contents of /usr/local from a backup I had made about 6
>> months ago.  I think what this means is that my pkg database is out of
>> sync with the actual contents of /usr/local.  What does this mean as
>> far as further updating?  I'd just as soon try to resolve the real
>> problem, but am understandably reluctant to leave my system crippled
>> again.
> First, make a full backup of the system as it is.
> The easy way to fix the package database is the same thing that might
> resolve the problem.  Reinstall all the packages, either as binaries or
> from ports.  There is a procedure for ports at the end of the portmaster
> man page.  For packages, I want to say it would be 'pkg install -af',
> but I have not tested it.

How comprehensive was that 6-month old backup?  If it also happened to
include /var/backup then you should also have a dump of the pkg DB from
the same time.



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