'unbound-control-setup' Deleted in 10.3 - replacement?

Karl Pielorz kpielorz_lst at tdx.co.uk
Mon Apr 4 15:39:36 UTC 2016


Having just gone to setup unbound on a new box - it appears 
'unbound-control-setup' is deleted - remember seeing something in the 
release notes, so checked the release notes again: Yes, it's gone:

  The unbound-control-setup script has been removed from the base system. 

According to r295690 it was broken. Any ideas what was broken? - Did it not 
work, did it generate an insecure PEM or something? - i.e. What do you do 
to replace it's functionality?

The man page for unbound still references it - and 'man -k 
unbound-control-setup' still lists it.

I can't really find anything to tell me how to generate a PEM for the 
unbound-control system - everything I've found just says "run 
unbound-control-setup" :(


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