Recommended laptop for FreeBSD 10.2 Xfce workstation?

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Sat Apr 2 16:40:07 UTC 2016

On 30/03/2016 05:12, David Christensen wrote:
> freebsd-questions:
> Thank you for the replies so far.  :-)
> Is there such a thing as a "reference laptop" that FreeBSD is developed
> and validated against?
> Failing that, I'm going to lower the bar and ask if there are *any*
> laptops that meet my basic needs OOTB:


FWIW I have had good results with ASUS laptops and notebooks, with a
minimum of tweaking. wifi is important to me and all the asus notebooks
and laptops I've had, have had atheros chipsets which have been well
supported. My advice would be to ditch the optical media requirement of
the device itself, and search for an asus with usb3, then go to a
realworld shop with a bootable -CURRENT on usb and test it if they'll
let you. Get an external portable optical media device. I use a samsung
BD-506 which works well.

A word to the wise - OOTB functionality is a mirage. Keeping it to a
miinimum is realistic.


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