replacement for x11/xlogout?

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Mon Sep 28 16:45:09 UTC 2015

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> 	I note in this morning's updates that xlogout has been deleted.
> 	Is there an accepted replacement?  It may be "cruft from 1989",
> but it is _not_ useless.

You could ask the maintainer to restore the port.  Would have been
simpler if you had spoken up during the three months grace period,

When I stopped running xlogout maybe a decade ago, it felt like I
was the last person on earth still using it.  By 2015, I didn't
expect anybody to be even aware of its existence any longer.

> (Unless, of course, I find something else.)

Something like xlogout can't be more than a few lines in Tcl/Tk,
Perl/Tk, or the like.

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