dhcpd server config help

Jon Radel jon at radel.com
Sun Sep 20 18:51:31 UTC 2015

>> # This is mydomain.com subnet declaration.
>> # Max of 6 pc on LAN -
>> # is the IP address of the LAN Nic card in FBSD
>> # is the broadcast IP address
>> subnet netmask {
>> range;
>> option routers;}
> I think the problem is that your FreeBSD server is using as its own IP address but you have told DHCPd to use to as the range to give out to clients that request an IP. The 10.2 address is part of this range. So you should change the range to be outside of anything that you already have in use so that they don't conflict.

And while you're at it, I'd suggest allowing your DHCP server to use more than 6 addresses. With only 6, it doesn't take many friends over before the poor thing starts thrashing about trying to find a free address to assign. Give it a couple hundred and be done with it. 

--Jon Radel
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