dhcpd server config help

Matt Smith fbsd at xtaz.co.uk
Sun Sep 20 16:30:19 UTC 2015

On Sep 20 10:32, Ernie Luzar wrote:
>Hello list;
>Yesterday had some guests over and when they tried to connect to my WiFi
>with their cell phones I got a lot of these console messages.
>Sep 19 09:43:01 mydomain dhcpd: Reclaiming abandoned lease
>Sep 19 09:43:01 mydomain dhcpd: Abandoning IP address declined.
>The cause of this is the host system dhcp server is trying to allocate a
>ip address from its pool that’s already in use. Today I started to 
>investigate this matter. I must have mis-configured something. 
>Following are the config files concerned. Please review and point out 
>errors. Thank You.
>Content of dhcpd.conf file
>option domain-name "mydomain.com";
>option domain-name-servers;    # google
># 600=10min, 7200=2 hours, 86400=1 day, 604800=1 week, 2592000=30 days
>default-lease-time 86400;
>max-lease-time 604800;
>ddns-update-style none;
>log-facility local1;
># No service will be given on this subnet, but declaring it helps the
># DHCP server to understand the network topology.
>subnet netmask {    }
># This is mydomain.com subnet declaration.
># Max of 6 pc on LAN -
># is the IP address of the LAN Nic card in FBSD
># is the broadcast IP address
>subnet netmask {
>option routers;}
>rc.conf file contains this

I think the problem is that your FreeBSD server is using as 
its own IP address but you have told DHCPd to use to 
as the range to give out to clients that request an IP. The 10.2 address 
is part of this range. So you should change the range to be outside of 
anything that you already have in use so that they don't conflict.


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