Still having network/Postscript Printer problem

Polytropon freebsd at
Sun Sep 13 12:49:11 UTC 2015

On Sun, 13 Sep 2015 07:34:33 -0500, Dutch Ingraham wrote:
> A few observations/questions:
> For all of the following, I'm assuming you are using DHCP to access a
> network printer, correct?
> 1. What does your printer say its hostname is?  I.e., when you print your
> printer's configuration pages from your printer, under the TCP/IP section,
> what is the Host Name?

This part is only relevant if you're accessing the ptiner
by a name not directly resolved by the "host computer"
(the one you print from). For example, you can have the
resolving part done in /etc/hosts - of course only as long
as this matches the _actual_ network reality.

> 2. I would set the default name of the printer to "lp."  See bullet
> point number 1 in section 9.5.1 of the Handbook.  You need to use the -P
> switch to print with a different printer name.

THat's true. Multiple names usually refer to multiple
printers, or different configurations of the same
printer (via printcap: different output filters).
Going with "lp" is fine.

> 3. It appears as though you are missing the printer name in the second
> line of your printcap, viz: 
>     lp:\        #printer name
>         :lp=:rm=printer HOSTname or ip or port:\
>         etc.
> See bullet point number 2, Network section, of the same section of the Handbook.
> I have a 4050, which is very close to the 4100, and use the
> following first two lines right now, with a fixed IP:
>     lp:\
>         :lp=:rm=\
> I've also used, with this same printer, with DHCP and the HOSTNAME as
> indicated in the printer's configuration pages:
>     lp:\
>         :lp=:rm=LaserJet:\ 

My home network also uses DHCP, but the printer address is
fixed, so I could enter in /etc/hosts. :-)

As you pointed out, it's important to see the difference
between the printer hostname (networking term) and the
printer identification (printcap term). They _may_ be set
to the same value, but it's not neccessary. Example here:
the printer's hostname is "laserjet" and resolves to the
IP (even though I have set that manually
in printcap), and "Laserjet" is the printer name, made
default per $PRINTER setting in /etc/csh.cshrc - there
are others like "Laserjet-nodup" or "Laserjet-tray3" or
"Laserjet-manual", all with the same settings except for
the output filter that reflects the different options.

And as I said, I've set rm= to the IP (no port), and lp=
to the empty value.

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