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Wed Sep 9 20:40:06 UTC 2015

On 09/09/15 15:08, Paul Kraus wrote:
> I would never follow any instructions verbatim unless they did_exactly_  what I needed. I will also point out that while there are only one set of instructions for 9.x, the necessary steps changed as the minor revs of 9 went by. The instructions tended to apply to the latest and if you did not have a cache of the older instructions and needed to recover an older release you were in trouble.
> Follow the instructions through a few times by hand. Understand what they are doing and_why_, then script what_you_  need to do. For example, I never used as many different datasets under /var as indicated on that page. I just did not need that degree of control. You may need (or want) more.

Actually, I do have 1 more question. Partway down in the setup, stuff is 
echoed to /tmp/bsdinstall_etc/fstab to setup swap, but nothing about the 
other parts of the FS (ZFS stuff) .... Is that AOK ? TIA & have a good one.


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