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On 09/09/15 15:08, Paul Kraus wrote:
> On Sep 9, 2015, at 12:04, William A. Mahaffey III <wam at> wrote:
>> Hmmmm .... could you amplify on that point about no compression w/ MythTV ?
> If MythTV is using any of the normal sorts of video files, they are already compressed. Asking ZFS to perform additional compression (even if just to figure out that it gains nothing) is a waste of cycles.

Yeah, that's what I was hoping. I *think* I can weather that (waste of 

>> This box will have 16 GB of RAM & 32 GB of swap, so I *think* I will be OK on RAM.
> You should be fine with 16 GB RAM for a streaming box.
>> I will probably stream video over my network most of the time, but might be using the ZFS as well .... I just got done copying the stuff from verbatim into 2 shell scripts to automate the setup,
> I would never follow any instructions verbatim unless they did _exactly_ what I needed. I will also point out that while there are only one set of instructions for 9.x, the necessary steps changed as the minor revs of 9 went by. The instructions tended to apply to the latest and if you did not have a cache of the older instructions and needed to recover an older release you were in trouble.

I am doing a scratch install, 9.3R, so no worries about older stuff 
hanging around or needing to be recovered. Valid point, however. I went 
verbatim to start with since I trust that savvier eyes than mine have 
been through them & they should be a reliable starting point, if not 
almost verbatim actual commands.

> Follow the instructions through a few times by hand. Understand what they are doing and _why_, then script what _you_ need to do. For example, I never used as many different datasets under /var as indicated on that page. I just did not need that degree of control. You may need (or want) more.
>> but if there are known issues w/ MythTV & ZFS+compression, more rethinking will be needed.
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> Paul Kraus
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Good point on blindly following, I did in fact make a few tweeks, & will 
probably follow what you said about /var. I do agree that I probably 
don't need that much resolution on configuration, although since it is 
scripted, not much effort on my part, & reduced opportunity for 
fat-fingering. Thanks (again) for the input & have a good one.


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