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Wed Sep 9 13:02:03 UTC 2015

On 09/09/15 02:09, Doug Hardie wrote:
> The one item I didn’t see mentioned is the size of the next upgrade kernel.  I “sized” my root partition for 6.1 years ago.  7 didn’t fit on it unless I removed the kernel debug symbols during the installation.  8 wouldn’t fit at all.  I have periodically had to completely rebuild the system disk to resize the partitions for system upgrades.  That is a real pain and a major downtime.  10 is out and 11 is almost here.  Newer systems are always larger.

*Agreed* on all counts, that's why I was trying to see what I could 
shrink out of my current 9.3R install, since both new boxen will be 9.3R 
as well.


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