cron.d / cron.weekly

Gregory Orange at
Tue Sep 8 06:16:20 UTC 2015

Hi Reg,

On 08/09/15 13:43, reg at wrote:
> Linux like systems have a directories cron.{daily,weekly,...}
> where you can put scripts to run daily/weekly, etc.

You have /etc/crontab, user crons which can be configured via 
crontab(1), and periodic(8) - exactly which you use is up to you I 
guess. I tend to add my own system tasks to the root crontab, or to 
/etc/crontab, but you could add scripts somewhere in 

Note that periodic is scheduled from /etc/crontab, and the system 
default settings can be configured from /etc/periodic.conf (overrides to 


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