Jail causes host to reboot

Niklaas Baudet von Gersdorff niklaas at kulturflatrate.net
Wed Sep 2 20:01:24 UTC 2015

On 02/09/15 21:51, Michael B. Eichorn wrote:

> Just wanted to chime in. I just upgraded my jailed net/syncthing to
> 0.11.10 (using pkg -j) on a 10.2-RELEASE system, and I did not have any
> problems. This of course doesn't mean that you are not having problems
> with the port, but its another data point.

Thanks for sharing. In case the discussion goes further into the
direction how net/syncthing could cause this, I upgraded 0.11.18 ->
0.11.23 (I let poudriere build the port).

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