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Re-including list, hope that's okay.

On Tue, 1 Sep 2015 17:21:15 -0700, John Haraden wrote:
> ulpt0 and unlpt0 fail to appear after installing ulpt_load
> in /boot/loader.conf.  With and without the printer connected,
> several generic isn't ports urgenx.y appear.

So do I understand this correctly: When you plug in the printer
while the system is running, only a ugen device file appears,
or more than one?

Can you post the relevant last lines from the "dmesg" output
after you've attached the printer?

Example - this happens when I plug in my Samsung CLX-2160 to
my FreeBSD home system:

% dmesg
ugen4.3: <Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.> at usbus4
ulpt0: <Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. CLX-216x Series,
	class 0/0, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 3> on usbus4
ulpt0: using bi-directional mode

You should see something similar.

> I have prepared a postscript file text, ps beginning with %!PS.
> For each generic port,  I execute
> cat  >  /dev/genx.y
> Nothing prints.  Any suggestions?

Good approach, but... what if the printer does not understand
Postscript? Check the printer's specification to see if it does.
For example, the Samsung printer mentioned above does _not_ speak
PS. I have to postprocess the PS into "Splix" format to be able
to send it to the printer directly. Maybe something similar is
needed in your case? What "printer languages" does your printer
actually understand?

Here's an example of what I have to do:

% foo2qpdl-wrapper -p 2 -c -r 1200x600 -z 0 > /dev/ulpt0

Of course, using CUPS could make things easier, but because I
use this printer only few times a month, I don't bother messing
around with CUPS to get it working. :-)

On Tue, 1 Sep 2015 17:24:45 -0700, John Haraden wrote:
> Made a mistake.  Executed 
> cat >  /dev/ugenx.y

Yes, that is correct. But always check that your PS file works.
Use "gv", for example.

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