Jail causes host to reboot

Niklaas Baudet von Gersdorff niklaas at kulturflatrate.net
Wed Sep 2 11:48:19 UTC 2015


after upgrading a package (net/syncthing) in a jail I experienced that
the host system rebooted. It seems because the jail starts at each boot
running syncthing again, the host system rebooted each time it started
the jail. A vicious circle. Because of this, I was nearly unable to
connect to the server.

By continuously pinging the server and sending a

	ssh <server> ezjail-admin config -r norun <jailname>

once I knew the server is online again, I could stop the circle and
finally log into the server again.

I guess that something's wrong with net/syncthing (or its configuration)
but what worries me more is how a malfunctioning jail can cause an
entire host system to reboot?

Thanks for your help and best,



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