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>> (1) I am running FreeBSD 10.2 with
>> crdtools-3.00_2 and
>> dvd+rw-tools-7.1_1
>> (2) I can mount and read previously burned CDs and DVDs.
>> (3) However, I cannot mount a blank cd or a blank dvd.
> The newest FreeBSD I have access to (FreeBSD 9.3) does not appear to
> support
> packet writing of UDF filesystems. Packet writing support is required to
> treat a UDF-formatted DVD as a normal read-write filesystem.
> I do not know about newer FreeBSD. Anyone want to chime in? Anyone want
> to update the table at en.wikipedia.org?
> Before using a blank disk, however, you will need to newfs_udf the disk.
> Only after doing that will you have any hope of mounting read-write a
> "blank" disk. (It isn't truly blank after being formatted.)

I know this is really not an answer (about mounting "blank" CD/DVD). I
burn DVDs with a single command growisofs which comes with dvd+rw-tools,
say I want to burn all in current directory to DVD:

growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/cd0 -dvd-video -V DVD .

(skip some options if you need just data DVD not DVD to be played on stand
alone DVD player).

When I need to burn from iso disk image (either CD or DVD) I use cdrecord
command which comes with cdrtools package:

cdrecord -dao disk-image.iso

When I need to create Bluray disk (playable on stand-alone BD player), my
path is longer: I first create disk image in a file (of necessary size),
format it (make filesystem), mount it, copy there all necessary, unmount,
then burn the image. Something like this:

touch dvd.img
du -sk BDMV
# in the above I just found out how much space I will use on DB
# and use the result in the following command - get it slightly larger...
dd if=/dev/zero of=dvd.img bs=1024 count=10000000
mkudffs --vid AVCHD dvd.img
mkdir tmp
mount -o loop dvd.img tmp
rmdir tmp/lost+found
umount tmp
rmdir tmp
growisofs -Z /dev/dvd=dvd.img

I hope, this helps.

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