cryptodev HW (aesni) vs software

Ivan Klymenko fidaj at
Mon Nov 23 12:53:36 UTC 2015

On Sun, 22 Nov 2015 10:38:47 -0600
Brandon J. Wandersee <brandon.wandersee at> wrote:

> Ivan Klymenko writes:
> > I hope the problem has now become more visible?  
> No. State what you believe the "problem" to be. We need to know how
> what actually happened is different from what you expected to happen.

Problem 1
At two loaded modules cryptodev and aesni to encrypt selected slower

Problem 2
Without any loaded modules cryptodev and aesni encryption occurs at the
same rate as in the loaded module aesni - which suggests that hardware
encryption is absolutely not working.

Problem 3
In the best case FreeBSD inferior Linux in encryption by as much as 23%
at exactly the same hardware

an example of such a command:
openssl speed -evp aes-128-cbc -elapsed

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