FreeBSD 10.1 + ZFS

Baho Utot baho-utot at
Wed May 27 19:30:53 UTC 2015

On 05/27/15 08:26, Ricky G wrote:
> This guide is good and will get you most of the way there. There are a few things missing however, zpool set bootfs needs to be set. Also if you decide on encryption you may need to set vfs.root.mountfrom in loader.conf and add zpool import zboot to your rc.local because it wont automatically import the boot pool.
>> Erasing the entire contents is NOT an option. There are going to be two> other operations systems installed on the boxen.> And only works on whole disks.> > I want an ZFS Raid-Z2 setup.> > ...>> There must be a way to install directly to ZFS....Is it really that hard?
> To me, it sounds like you dont understand how ZFS works and you should do some research. If you plan on doing a raid-z2 I assume you plan to use at least 3 disks. You want to keep your old partitions so using zfs on that disk doesn't seem ideal. 		

I do understand how ZFS works I am using it (ZFS RAID-Z1) on three boxen 
but not as the root file system.

I did do the research.... if you RTFH you would see that the installer 
uses the auto option for ZFS which wipes out and uses the entire drive.

You cannot do RAID-Z2 with three drives only as RAID-Z2 has two parity 

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