FreeBSD 10.1 + ZFS

Jon Radel jon at
Wed May 27 18:24:07 UTC 2015

On 5/27/15 1:20 PM, Steve Burton wrote:
> This is a good point, I don't understand ZFS. Is there a good book 
> (O'Reilly?) on it? Up to FreeBSD being released I'd considered ZFS as 
> 'under development" and suddenly, with V10.0, there is was!
> I really need to know more that is both general and FreeBSD specific 
> on this subject.
> Recommendations, anyone? (I have the Handbook, of course)
I've not read it, but will be purchasing it myself soon, but based on 
the author's track record, I'd imagine that

Michael Lucas, FreeBSD Mastery ZFS

is a coherent and practical place to start.  It just came out so should 
be up to date.

is the author's own sales venue.  Should also be available from Amazon 
for Kindle and, when the presses finish, on paper.

My only issue with Mr. Lucas's self-published works are that I find a 
number of typos and the like that a good editor would have reduced in 
number.  The technical information tends to be quite solid IMHO.

--Jon Radel
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