FBSD 10.1 poudriere dependency loop detected

Tommy Pham tommyhp2 at gmail.com
Tue May 12 21:22:55 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

I've just started testing out poudriere on FreeBSD 10.1 and loving it.
I've built postgressql94-server and mariadb100-server ports OK (51 ports
built), including my own patch for mariadb100-server to use 256 AES
encryption, instead of default 128.  However, I when try to build the
apache24 port, I'm getting dependency loop problem as seen below:

root at fbsd10-build:/usr/local/poudriere/etc/poudriere.d # poudriere bulk -j
10amd64 -p local -z server www/apache24
[00:00:00] ====>> Creating the reference jail... done
[00:00:06] ====>> Mounting system devices for 10amd64-local-server
[00:00:06] ====>> Mounting ports/packages/distfiles
[00:00:06] ====>> Using packages from previously failed build
[00:00:06] ====>> Mounting packages from:
[00:00:06] ====>> Copying /var/db/ports from:
[00:00:06] ====>> Appending to make.conf:
/etc/resolv.conf ->
[00:00:06] ====>> Starting jail 10amd64-local-server
[00:00:06] ====>> Logs:
[00:00:06] ====>> Loading MOVED
[00:00:07] ====>> Calculating ports order and dependencies
[00:00:41] ====>> Sanity checking the repository
[00:00:41] ====>> Checking packages for incremental rebuild needed
[00:00:45] ====>> Deleting stale symlinks
[00:00:45] ====>> Deleting empty directories
[00:00:45] ====>> Cleaning the build queue
[00:00:45] ====>> Error: Dependency loop detected:
These packages depend on each other: cups-client-1.7.3_4 avahi-app-0.6.31_3
dbus-glib-0.104 dbus-1.8.16 xmlto-0.0.26_2 w3m-0.5.3_4 gtk2-2.24.27
[00:00:45] ====>> Cleaning up
[00:00:46] ====>> Umounting file systems
root at fbsd10-build:/usr/local/poudriere/etc/poudriere.d #

How can I resolve this?  Having poudriere starting the jail and building
the ports manually results in the same.  Are the official packages
distribution built using the default options?

Thanks in advance,

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