c_rehash pgm missing from 10.1

Carl Johnson carlj at peak.org
Tue May 12 03:49:27 UTC 2015

Jon Radel <jon at radel.com> writes:

> On 5/11/15 5:06 PM, Ernie Luzar wrote:
>> I am not a bleeding edge kind of guy. 
> Ah, yes, I see.  We continue to triangulate on just what kind of guy
> you are.
>> The .iso is suppose to be a complete system, so since its missing
>> these openssl things then the RELEASE build is broken. 
> There are files on the .iso.  You choose not to install
> them. Therefore they are missing from your hard disk. Therefore the
> .iso is not a complete system.  I'm not sure I buy some of those
> leaps.
>> You need to drop this source thing as its a dead horse. Maybe
>> spending some time to inform the RELEASE build team they have
>> problem is a better use of our time. Its not apples or oranges, its
>> just a new problem that has come to light..
> Nah, since you've made it so very, very clear that you know ever so
> much better what's going on than anyone else here, I'll just apologize
> for wasting your time and mozy on off.  I must say that you've
> exhibited some of the most amazing passive aggressive "help, it's all
> broken, how do I fix it" mixed in with "no, I know better than
> everyone else how this should work so I'll ignore all your advice that
> doesn't meet my immediate fancy" discussion skills I've seen in quite
> some time.

Would you please tell us where in the source the script is located.  I
have source installed (10.1-RELEASE), but all I have is the man page and
no script.  The output of 'locate c_rehash' is:
The file in ports looks like it might be it, but that is not in

Carl Johnson		carlj at peak.org

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