local update server, how is it done now?

Matthew Seaman matthew at freebsd.org
Thu May 7 14:15:24 UTC 2015

On 05/07/15 11:13, John wrote:
> Is there a port that does a similar thing but with git or svnlite? If not,
> I guess I have to set up svn by hand but the instructions in the handbook for
> this seem to suggest to do this only if it's really needed.

I'm not aware of a port that sets this sort of mirroring up
automagically for you.  However, it's pretty standard git functionality
to be able to clone repos all over the place.  I'd suggest looking into
that.  Git should give you the ability to pull down changes onto one of
your machines, and then distribute them to your other machines from
there pretty easily.  Something that SVN doesn't do in a simple way.



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