local update server, how is it done now?

John freebsd-lists at potato.growveg.org
Thu May 7 10:39:41 UTC 2015

Hello -questions,

I have several local freebsd machines. At present, and for a couple
of years now, I'm using svnlite to run daily updates on each of the machines, 
for src and ports. Years ago, I used to use something called freebsd_cvsup
out of the ports which, when installed, asked a few questions and installed
a cvsup mirror that I could point the other machines to, in order to
update from (rather than each one updating from the internet which is
a waste of bandwidth).

Is there a port that does a similar thing but with git or svnlite? If not,
I guess I have to set up svn by hand but the instructions in the handbook for
this seem to suggest to do this only if it's really needed.



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