freebsd-update question

Paul Smith paul.j.smith0 at
Tue Mar 24 20:42:37 UTC 2015

> I had /usr/src, but it was empty. I removed 'src' from the
> freebsd-update-conf file & got the above. uname thinks I am still @ p10:
> [root at kabini1, /etc, 10:44:24am] 333 % uname -a
> FreeBSD kabini1.local 9.3-RELEASE-p10 FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE-p10 #0: Tue Feb 24
> 21:28:03 UTC 2015
> root at amd64
> [root at kabini1, /etc, 2:48:47pm] 334 %
> base DB out of alignment ?

The version stated by uname(1) only updates when there is a change to
the actual kernel. Since p11 and p12 dealt only with the OpenSSL
issues in the userland, no changes to the kernel took place. So, as
Jason stated, uname(1) will still say p10 when you are at p12. FreeBSD
10 and above have tried to fix this confusion with freebsd-version(1).
For example, on my 10.1 system, uname(1) states 10.1-RELEASE-p6 while
freebsd-version(1) states 10.1-RELEASE-p8. Since freebsd-update(8)
thinks you are at p12, you are at p12.

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