Kernel build errors after Buildworld

Jason Selwitz jselwitz at
Tue Mar 24 12:57:43 UTC 2015


   I was wondering if someone could help shed some light on this for me,
I recently attempted to upgrade from 10.0 to 10.1 from source, while the
buildworld finished fine the kernel build failed with the following errors..

/usr/src/sys/modules/ciss/../../dev/ciss/ciss.c:1210:23: error: no
member named
      'big_map_supported' in 'struct ciss_bmic_id_table'
    if (!sc->ciss_id->big_map_supported) {
         ~~~~~~~~~~~  ^
/usr/src/sys/modules/ciss/../../dev/ciss/ciss.c:1240:55: error: no
member named
      'scsi_bus_count' in 'struct ciss_bmic_id_table'; did you mean
        ciss_printf(sc, "  %d SCSI channels\n",
@/dev/ciss/cissvar.h:302:75: note: expanded from macro 'ciss_printf'
  ...fmt, args...)      device_printf(sc->ciss_dev, fmt , ##args)
@/dev/ciss/cissreg.h:655:14: note: 'scsi_chip_count' declared here
    u_int8_t    scsi_chip_count;

I was hoping someone here might have some suggestions.. I can provide
any output necessary.. thanks again!


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