Jail with bitblee running, connection timed out

Christian Lask lists at elfsechsundzwanzig.de
Wed Mar 11 14:18:32 UTC 2015

Matthew Seaman <matthew at FreeBSD.org> writes:

> On 2015/03/11 13:59, 1126 (Christian Lask) wrote:
>> `stockstat -l4p 6667` reveals that it is indeed listening on the jails
>> IP on port 6667. In Weechat then I added a new server (localhost/6667)
>> and tried to connect to it. This connection however is never established
>> and times out. I do not know how to debug this properly and have no idea
>> what is wrong here. Configuration of both seems pretty straightforward,
>> so I don't know what I am doing wrong here.
> Jails tend not to have localhost (ie. or ::1) addresses
> accessible to them[*].  Try logging into the jail and examine the output
> of 'ifconfig -a' -- compare it with what you get on the host system.

I see! Thanks, I didn't know that, but that explains a lot. 

> If you want some processes within the same jail to be able to
> communicate through a network-like protocol, then unix domain sockets
> are the way to go, assuming that the software you want to run supports
> them.  Failing that, you'll have to use the jail's allocated IP
> number(s).

I will look into it. I guess, I know now where to look and how to get it
running. Thanks again!


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