ZFS passdevgonecb

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Tue Jun 16 09:16:42 UTC 2015

Da Rock <freebsd-questions at herveybayaustralia.com.au> wrote:

> I hate jumping in like this out of the blue, but time is not on my side 
> atm with a lot going on.
> I have a problem with some devices disappearing on various versions of 
> FreeBSD and machines (laptops, workstations/servers). Umass are the 
> norm, with the message occurring most on usb sticks and sd cards.
> Big problem atm is that my file server has a failed disk in the raid, 
> and I've tried replacing it with a new drive (twice now), and both times 
> it begins to resilver and then it is "REMOVED". If I online it again, it 
> goes for about 10mins then REMOVED again.

For similar occasions I wrote a ggatel patch as a workaround:

Later on I stumbled over gmountver which you may want to try
first. At least on my system it doesn't work unless I disable
kern.geom.mountver.check_ident (which obviously is dangerous),
but I didn't have time to investigate this yet.

> Dmesg shows that the device is removed from the devfs with a 
> passdevgonecb/lost device message. This apparently occurs right at boot 
> too, as it shows amongst the usual scrolling during boot.
> I had a chat with someone and they mentioned the cable and/or controller 
> could be the issue. Could anyone add any insight or tests I could do? 

Scrubbing the pool with one of the workarounds mentioned above might
be a good start.

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