freebsd-update error ln: ///rescue/[: No such file or directory

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Mon Jun 15 17:26:39 UTC 2015

Paul Macdonald <paul at> writes:

> /rescue is populated ( see first email), but i do note that it's
> modification date is March, and that it does not have the odd looking
> [ binary ( which i remember someone asking about in this list a while
> back).

"[" is another name for "test", as used in shell scripts. Don't delete
it, even if you think it's "funny looking."

> I'd assumed that something was truncated in output but can see now
> that it literally can't find /rescue/[

Yes. and can't link to it.

The vast majority of the commands in /rescue/ are hard links to the same
executable, which modifies its behaviour according to the name under
which it was invoked. I don't use freebsd-update, but I wouldn't expect
it to put in new links if the thing they're linking to isn't
present -- in fact, I'd expect it to only make new links if the target
had been installed or replaced.

> scp'd [ from a different box, free-update fetch/update happy now.

Be sure that you took /rescue/[ rather than /bin/[ ...

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