Softlayer VPS: Loading FreeBSD

Gregory Orange at
Sun Jun 14 14:08:43 UTC 2015

On 12/06/15 04:04, Marc Fournier wrote:
> has anyone had any experience with Softlayer and loading a FreeBSD VPS there?   And, if not, can someone suggest a good tool that will allow me to create an ISO from a VirtualBox build?   Or, if this makes any sense, of building an ISO from a running FreeBSD system, irrelevant of VirtualBox?

I happened to be in Dallas late last year and arranged a site visit and 
meeting with our SoftLayer contacts. We discussed this precise issue, 
and they had a suggestion for loading a custom ISO. We haven't yet 
explored the issue because so far we only use physical machines for 
FreeBSD, but here are some links they gave me:

I'm looking forward to trying it out when we get to it.

Overall, we have had excellent service from SoftLayer - both technical 
and account-related.


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