Junk mail on list reply

Erich Dollansky erichsfreebsdlist at alogt.com
Tue Jun 9 01:26:41 UTC 2015


On Tue, 09 Jun 2015 00:22:18 +0300
Maxim V Filimonov <che at bein.link> wrote:

> Recently, I started getting junk emails every time I reply to someone
> in any of the FreeBSD Mailing Lists. The messages look like the one
> attached. Can anyone do anything with that? Can I consult anyone to
> fix that? Why is that happening after all?

it is very easy to filter. For me, all FreeBSD related e-mail not
originating from freebsd.org goes directly into spam.

It is not only this kind of spam, there is also a lot of harvesting
taking place which adds up over time.


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