install missing packages in tex-live

Brandon J. Wandersee brandon.wandersee at
Thu Jul 30 23:37:22 UTC 2015

Carmel NY writes:

> Since "tlmgr" does not work on FreeBSD, I have no automatic way to install a
> mission package. In this case, I am trying to install the "milstd" package
> <>.
> I have no experience in installing a package manually. I use "MikTeX" with
> "TexStudio" on MS Windows and everything "just works".
> I have not been able to find a decent "how-to" on this subject. I am hoping
> someone can assist me until the "tlmgr" problem is fixed.

Perhaps this is an unsatisfying answer, but since you clearly already
intend to circumvent your operating system's package manager and
packaging scheme, the solution would be to manually install
TeXLive. No doubt there's a debate to be had on the matter, but it seems
rather fruitless to me to try and convince the FreeBSD porters/packagers
to do extra work that makes their own efforts superfluous...

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