[ OT ] recommendations for a domain_name registrar

Jon Radel jon at radel.com
Tue Jul 21 16:05:18 UTC 2015

On 7/21/15 10:16 AM, kpneal at pobox.com wrote:
> I'm with Network Solutions but looking to move to someone reputable 
> who _properly_ supports DNSSEC and IPv6 from their web interface. Does 
> Gandi's web interface support adding keys, key rollover, and all the 
> other stuff that goes along with DNSSEC? And IPv6 while I'm at it? 
The key domains I have with Gandi all have DNSSEC over both ipv4 and 
ipv6.   I've had no issues, though I'll admit that I've not bothered 
with a KSK roll-over yet.  Based on the web interface, however, I have 
no doubts about my ability to manage multiple DS records.

I run my own master servers and use Gandi only for secondary, so can't 
address the integration of their DNSSEC tools with their standard set of 
primary servers (which are both ipv4 and ipv6).

The weakest point is that their ipv6 support is not yet fully mature.  
For example, if you use them for only secondary DNS, last I checked that 
was available only in ipv4, though there was an enhancement ticket to 
remedy that floating around.  I've also discussed some of their ipv6 
routing, a broken ipv6 resolver in their IaaS environment, and so on, 
with them over the past year. While they've been quite responsive in 
improving things, clearly ipv4 users are still the squeaky wheels more 
often, and there are still kinks here and there on the ipv6 network.

By the way, I do feel a need to point out that even if they're not 
perfect, I've had much better luck than I do at most other vendors in 
quickly reaching technical staff who are actually knowledgeable and 
responsive when such things come up.

--Jon Radel
jon at radel.com

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