Sync Ports to Packages

mfv mfv at
Mon Jul 20 16:08:36 UTC 2015

> On Sun, 2015-07-19 at 11:27 merlyn at (Randal L.
> Schwartz) wrote:
>>>>>> "mfv" == mfv  <mfv at> writes:
>mfv> To do this I first upgrade the binaries by invoking "pkg upgrade".
>mfv> Then, after using a web browser to check out the appropriate beefy
>mfv> server, I identify the build number of that upgrade.  Finally, I
>mfv> update the local ports tree by running "svnup ports -n <build#>".
>mfv> When finished, the ports and packages are synced.
>Why not just do it the other way around?  Check out the latest ports,
>and build them (even customize them) with poudriere?  Then you'll know
>precisely that your trees are in sync.

Hello Lowell,

Thanks for your comments.  They prompted me to take a closer look at

As FreeBSD is only on one workstation with a handful of customized
ports I thought poudriere was overkill.  Moreover, I mistakenly thought
that all my ports had to be built using this program but recently
discovered that a customized list of ports is possible.  I'll give it a

Cheers ...


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