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Sat Jul 18 15:14:49 UTC 2015

> On Fri, 2015-07-17 at 15:21 Lowell Gilbert
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>mfv <mfv at> writes:
>> Am trying to write a script to keep my packages and ports in sync but
>> have not been able to find a local file in the package system that
>> contains the revision number of my last upgrade.  Once that number is
>> obtained it is possible to sync the port tree.
>> The following script extracts the build number from the appropriate
>> server but needs Internet access:
>> Is it possible to extract the same revision number from a local file?
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Hello Lowell,

Thanks for your reply.  It appears I did not explain my issue clearly.
The idea is to have both ports and packages synced to the same
build/revision number.

To do this I first upgrade the binaries by invoking "pkg upgrade".
Then, after using a web browser to check out the appropriate beefy
server, I identify the build number of that upgrade.  Finally, I
update the local ports tree by running "svnup ports -n <build#>".
When finished, the ports and packages are synced.

It is possible to identify the revision number of the ports tree by
using "svnup ports -n".  But I can not find a command among the pkg
tools that provides the equivalent number by accessing local files.

Cheers ...


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