ZFS: zdev names don't match devices

Quartz quartz at sneakertech.com
Fri Jul 10 21:48:42 UTC 2015

>Did I screw
> up my zfs setup?

No. This is a quirk of the way the 10.x installer/ZFS works. There are a 
handful of different ways to identify a disk on FreeBSD besides the 
device ID, including UUIDs and gpt labels and such. Device IDs will 
change if you ever add/remove/reorder the physical drives, so the 
installer uses the other methods to be safer. I don't know why it uses a 
mix instead of doing the same thing for each drive though.

>Why do the vdevs have these names?
> How do I map these vdev names back to my disks?

I think you're confused about what a vdev is. "vdev" is shorthand for 
'virtual device'. Disks (or partitions, or files) are grouped into a 
vdev, and the vdevs are then striped together to form your pool. A vdev 
doesn't have a "name", just a type (ie; mirror/raid/etc). The block 
devices that the vdevs are composed of are what can have names.

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