Mount NTFS from base system?

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Mon Jan 19 08:38:01 UTC 2015

Responding to Polytropon:

In the case of a USB 2.0 stick, I might do better to install to SATA or USB 3.0 hard drive and rsync to USB stick, after partitioning USB stick with gpart.

Then I could use gpart to make bootable.  All this would be with GPT.

Old FreeBSD 8.2 installation was on an older computer, from July 2001.  Now there is no Internet access on current computers using FreeBSD 8.2, or I assume, 8.x.

That FreeBSD 8.2 installation was to an MBR slice with traditioning FreeBSD subpartitioning; I was rather crunched for disk space.

So no updating, need to start fresh. 

I was ultimately able to access NTFS hard drive from FreeBSD-current amd64 with fusefs-ntfs; had to kldload fuse for it to work (discussed on freebsd-ports list).

If I had kept that stuff from OS/2 Warp 4, possibly I could have installed it to FreeBSD + Virtualbox; possibly it might have worked but no assurance.

I found site: progress looks to be barely crawling.

My guess is nobody currently living on earth will live long enough to see anything meaningful come of FreeVMS (just as with OSFree).


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