Mount NTFS from base system?

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Fri Jan 16 22:57:24 UTC 2015

On Fri, 16 Jan 2015 08:08:22 +0000 (UTC), Thomas Mueller wrote:
> > > I also have FreeBSD 9.1-STABLE i386 on another USB 2.0 stick,
> > > updating that was deterred by the fact that "make installworld"
> > > took 7 to 8 hours.
> > Yes, R/W operations on a USB stick tend to be slower
> > than on directly attached hard disks. :-)
> Maybe it was a particular allergy of FreeBSD to the
> particular model of USB stick?

USB sticks, even though labeled "USB 2.0" can vary in
the speed they can be used. Involved factors are here:
flash storage, storage controller, USB controller,
whole USB stack of OS (drivers, kernel I/O, library
access calls, etc.), and how the application software
reads and writes (block sizes). There are particular
brands or models of USB sticks that work slower than
"the same" sticks (same capacity and specification,
just different manufacturer, or just a later batch
from the same manufacturer of the same model). Sadly
you can only find out about this by using the USB stick.

> > If you have FreeBSD 8 somewhere, it could also work.
> > Maybe you can even "go back in time" and use of the
> > older live system CDs (converted for USB booting)
> > from earlier versions (v8, probably v7 and v6) which
> > had mount_ntfs in the OS.
> Actually, I have a FreeBSD 8.2 i386 installation on an
> IDE hard drive, now in a Sabrent USB 2.0 enclosure, no
> longer possible to update on that hard drive partition.

In how far do you want to update that 8.2 installation?
Or am I misunderstanding something?

> > > Just tried, from FreeBSD 9.2-STABLE amd64 USB stick,
> > > trying to mount_ntfs immediately crashed the system,
> > > I got db> prompt.
> > That could indicate a severe file system defect. In
> > worst case, you could install sysutils/ntfsprogs and
> > use those tools for access, or at least to obtain a
> > copy of the file system and work with that (instead
> > of with the original).
> Maybe it could also be an update to NTFS on Microsoft's end?

Possible. You hardly know what they put in their proprietary
products because they usually don't tell anyone. :-)

> File system is too big to make a full copy, no place to put it, 5 TB.

Wow, that's really a lot, as _one_ NTFS partition...

> But it also indicates a lack of robustness in FreeBSD 9.2.
> NetBSD failed to mount the partition, but didn't crash, in
> that case connected to a USB 2.0 port because USB 3.0 is
> not yet working in NetBSD.

When the OS performs a crash, there is a _reason_ for
this. It's possible to argue about the severity of the
reason, if it justifies a crash, but FreeBSD usually
doesn't crash for _no_ reason.

> Or there could have been a defect in the NTFS.

That's also possible. A file system check (read-only)
could be done.

> I remember the DVD that came with Seagate Business Storage
> NAS: readable in Linux and Haiku but no files showed in
> FreeBSD and NetBSD.

Nice, an "un-DVD". Ha ha! That's _business_, man! :-)

I'm surprised that it worked on Haiku, an OS hardly

> FreeBSD 9.2 installation on USB stick is too old to be
> readily updatable; easier to start anew with 10-stable
> or 11-head.

That's probably the best way to go. Additionally, the
more recent tools will be more reliable.

> There is an osFree project at attempting to
> create an open-source analogue to OS/2 Warp 4, but at
> the pace it's going, they will be hard-pressed to
> produce anything meaningful by year 4000, meaning
> nobody currently living onm earth will live long
> enough to see it.

OS/2 is history. Interesting and inspiring, but
there won't be much use for it today, I assume.
An exception could be legacy applications from
that era which would probably run best if you'd
just set up a VM, install the original OS/2 in
it and use that.

> There is/was even a FreeVMS project, but that seems
> to have died, website no longer there.

This one? --->

It's still there, but legacy users (those who
are actually intending to use VMS software)
tend to prefer SimH and OpenVMS, for which
HP (the current owner) still provides licenses,
as far as I know.

Otherwise refer to SYS$LOGIN:LOGIN.COM;1. :-)

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