Is bugzilla down or buggy or is it just me?

Fernando Apesteguía fernando.apesteguia at
Sun Jan 11 10:14:59 UTC 2015

El 11/01/2015 05:25, "Ian Smith" <smithi at> escribió:
> Happy 2015 all,
> I posted the following - perhaps inappropriately, given no response - to
> freebsd-acpi@ on Thursday night:

Copy-paste from a pervious mail in freebsd-ports@:

While doing maintenance on bugzilla, the production database
broke due to operator error and probably loss of some changes. So
currently some recovery operations are ongoing.


> =======
> Argh.  After spending 10 minutes formatting a response to juris' message
> on bugzilla - yes, logged in - I couldn't find any sort of 'submit'
> button anywhere to actually post my message?
> So I went to mark and copy my response and somehow lost the contents in
> the process.  Subsequent attempts to even get back to the bug were met
> with "Data Transfer Interrupted The connection to has
> terminated unexpectedly. Some data may have been transferred." after
> first warning of transferring to a non-encrypted page.  I'd also added
> myself as a cc but again there seemed no way to submit any of it.
> Might my old Seamonkey lack some javascript thingy bugzilla needs?  I'll
> try again later, but can someone whack me with a clue please?
> Confused, Ian
> =======
> Over 12 hours later I tried again, to be met by the same response, so I
> closed and restarted the browser, after saving a big bunch of tabs, and
> got back in ok to the bug in question - to find myself still logged in.
> Just prior I'd loaded that page ok with a more recent firefox on a
> 9.3 box, still logged in of course, so - from the original 8.2 box I
> (foolishly?) attempted to log off before trying again, to be met by:
>   Error 503 Service Unavailable
>   Backend status: Service Unavailable
>   Transaction ID: 179641380
> Now today all I can get from that page - or indeed any attempt to access
> bugzilla, eg from - on
> either my old or newer browser, is the 'Error 503 Service Unavailable'
> response, with a different Transaction ID each time.
> Has anyone seen anything like this?  If not, who should I contact?
> Thanks for any help.  PLEASE cc me, as digests can take a whole day.
> cheers, Ian
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