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On 02/19/2015 10:24 AM, Jerry wrote:
> On Thu, 19 Feb 2015 10:04:22 -0700, jd1008 stated:
>> What a pile of manure.
>> Any decent and intelligent lawyer could appeal such
>> cased and have the conviction thrown out of court -
>> this, assuming that our court systems and judges are
>> actually fully beholden to the constitution and the rule
>> of law, and due process.
> Just two cases in point:
> Los Angeles County
> Francisco "Franky" Carrillo was convicted of the 1991 murder of Donald Sarpy
> and sentenced to life in jail. His conviction was reversed by the Los Angeles
> County Superior Court on March 14, 2011, after he had served twenty years in
> prison.
> Geronimo Pratt, a Black Panther leader, was convicted in 1972 of the 1968
> murder of a white school teacher and sentenced to life in jail. He was
> exonerated in 1997.
> There are literally 100's of cases that are sometimes corrected after 20+
> years. Is 20+ years your idea of success?

Of course NOT!!!!
It only highlights and underlines the fact the the courts are NOT what 
they ought to be.
Why would the courts delay the hearing of such appeals? Why would the 
lawyers delay
the filing of such appeals. The whole system is obviously broken.

Have you seen and heard of what some police are doing to totally
unarmed individuals? Some such individuals have died by police
mishandling (and that's stating mildly). In many such cases, the
police are exonerated by the courts. Scant few are prosecuted.
Sorry to say, that "democracies" have indeed degenerated or are
slowly degenerating into thuggeries, with the real rulers always
hidden behind the screen of so called elected officials who are
bribed and and intimidated into doing the will of their masters.
Does 911 ring a bell? Or do you believe that it was a real attack
by outsiders? Please do read the philosopher Hegel.

> By the way, this is my number 1
> argument against the death penalty. Correct me if I am wrong, but they have
> not discovered how to reanimate a corpse yet have they?
Ah... you have not watched Young Frankenstein? :) :)

> It was reported, and I forgot what agency did the study, that not less than
> 2% and not more than 7% of all incarcerated men and women in the US are
> totally innocent of the crime they were convicted of.It went on to state that
> these convictions were obtained though a combination of official misconduct
> by the prosecution and sloppy or deliberately engineered investigations by
> the police.
> These cases from NY are interesting because I actually knew some of the cops
> involved in the Westchester case.
> New York
> New York County
> The Central Park Five were five Harlem teens convicted of the 1989 assault
> and rape of a jogger in New York's Central Park. They served their sentences
> but afterwards their convictions were set aside in 2002 when DNA evidence
> cleared them and another man confessed to the crime.
> Westchester County
> In 1998 Kian Daniel Khatibi was convicted of a double stabbing after
> detectives from the Village of Pleasantville falsely claimed that the victims
> had identified Kian as their attacker and then forwarded this false
> information to the Westchester County District Attorney. In 2008, Kian was
> released from prison as the truth unraveled and the conviction was overturned.
> Jeffrey Mark Deskovic was convicted of the 1989 of rape and murder of a high
> school classmate and sentenced to 15 years-life in jail. He was exonerated in
> 2006 when the DNA from the crime was matched to another person.

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