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On Tue, 10 Feb 2015 14:32:41 -0500
R0B_ROD <witchdoctor.mdf at> wrote:

> I understand the discussion but why isnt anyone coding anything for
> it already??? To the person who began the thread:  How is it that a

out of a very simple reason. The spam coming directly from the list is
minor. But there are harvesters active and they send out spam to the
harvested addresses.

> simple delete of a few emails with 'd' in mutt is a lot of work for
> you? I have gotten 4-5 spam mails from this list in the past 6 weeks.

Yes, and today more than 20 claiming to come from this list. They can
easily be filtered and go directly into a folder marking them as spam
from FreeBSD. This make it easier for me to find false positives even
if I did not have one since I started the filtering.

> If it bothers you come and help out, make some stuff up, even pseudo
> code on paper and pencil...Lets motivated each other instead of
> ranting and complaining or dreaming. Lets do it. Arent we a bunch of
> UNIX-wizards?? Trust me that is I had remotely the skill that many of
> you have and I could come up with a basic local shell script to
> filter out some spam. :) XD :P Peace
The people who did claws mail did already the work. It is just about
applying it.


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