R0B_ROD witchdoctor.mdf at
Tue Feb 10 19:32:09 UTC 2015

I understand the discussion but why isnt anyone coding anything for it already???
To the person who began the thread:  How is it that a simple delete of a few emails 
with 'd' in mutt is a lot of work for you? I have gotten 4-5 spam mails from this list
in the past 6 weeks. If it bothers you come and help out, make some stuff up, even
pseudo code on paper and pencil...Lets motivated each other instead of ranting and
complaining or dreaming. Lets do it. Arent we a bunch of UNIX-wizards?? Trust me
that is I had remotely the skill that many of you have and I could come up with a basic local 
shell script to filter out some spam. :) XD :P Peace

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