[(borderline) OT]: memtest question

Quartz quartz at sneakertech.com
Mon Aug 31 15:01:40 UTC 2015

> I downloaded Passmark memtest..........

You asked this question at the right time, I just had to deal with all 
of this only last week.

Here's the situation:
The memory testing landscape is currently a big ol' pile of shit.

memtest86+ has had only three updates in the past five years, with the 
most recent (5.01) being in '13. It does not support UEFI booting 
(crashes and random errors), native 64 bit (it uses a PAE hack), can't 
really handle ddr4, and has never supported ECC ram or other options. As 
far as anyone can tell the developer(s) dropped off the face of the 
earth. Although a bootable ISO is available for download from the 
website, it's NOT a hybrid ISO meaning it has to be burned to a physical 
CD. All of the other files on the site are *just* the memtest 
application binaries. If you want to put these on a bootable usb stick, 
you'll have to, manually, format a stick yourself from the ground up 
with your own bootloader and everything and then install the memtest 
binary into that. The website offers a program to do this for you but as 
you discovered it's a Windows EXE. Linux and Unix users are expected to 
figure it out themselves. My best advice (if just burning a CD isn't an 
option) is to find some Linux distro or utility live-cd that offers a 
hybrid ISO or direct USB image that also comes with memtest86+. I 
*think* the latest Ubuntu's come with 5.01. Gparted-Live only has 4.x 
for some reason.

PassMark is their own can of shit. Starting with version 5.x, they 
completely dropped support for BIOS booting and went UEFI only, 
ostensibly to provide a 'better experience' but really so that they 
could sell a new thing that was closed source. Unfortunately, UEFI is 
still half broken on a lot of hardware and their new program loads all 
sorts of extra shit that requires extra hardware support accordingly, so 
it fails/hangs/crashes about as often as not. Their USB image still lets 
you boot into the old 4.x BIOS version, but as with memtest86+, there's 
no support for new chipsets/64bit/ddr4/ecc/etc.

Basically, you want to test a server that's a couple years old that 
doesn't have UEFI? eat a dick. You want to test a new machine with the 
latest chipset but it has a buggy UEFI? eat a dick. You want to do 
pretty much anything other than testing a commodity desktop from five 
years ago? eat a dick. Can you tell I'm bitter about all this?

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