AMD A series support

Matthias Petermann matthias at
Thu Aug 27 05:58:40 UTC 2015

Hello Fernando,

some months ago I had a Lenovo E145 which was backed by a E1-2500.
While I cannot tell you much about your original question, you might
want to take a special attention at the wireless chipset of this AMD
platform devices. It seems most of them are using Broadcom devices which
are poorly supported. Mine was using a Broadcom Chipset which required
the Broadcom STA driver which was available for (Debian) Linux, but
completely unsupported on FreeBSD. After failing with wrapping the
Windows Driver with NDISWrapper ultimately I tried to use a USB
Wireless Dongle (Realtek). While this was working, I was unsatisfied
with the throughput, so I decided to sell the Laptop and bought a used
X220 where everything works out of the Box.

Best regards,

Am 2015-08-23 20:18, schrieb Fernando Apesteguía:
> Hi all,
> I am thinking of changing my old laptop and a friend of mine talk to
> me about the AMD A series. He uses Linux and his experience is good so
> far.
> I have a couple of questions I hope you can help me with:
> -  Does the combined use of the different Compute Cores (CPU + GPU) to
> share workloads need a special support in the OS (in the scheduler for
> instance)? If that is the case, how well supported are these APU's in
> FreeBSD?
> - Do we have any software in the ports that can monitor the use of
> both CPU + GPU cores?
> Thanks.
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