Can't boot FreeBSD.

Paul Kraus paul at
Mon Aug 10 16:40:14 UTC 2015

On Aug 9, 2015, at 18:46, reg at wrote:

> I have done what appears to be a clean install of FreeBSD 10.1,
> but on the 'reboot' the intel boot falls thru to the ethernet
> boot, as if there isn't any info in the boot block.

By clean install I assume you mean you went through the installer process to it’s completion.

What did you choose for disk layout (UFS, ZFS, or manual) ? 

If you used the manual option you may have missed a step to install the boot loader. Take a look at the man page for gpart and the section on BOOTSTRAPPING here and the examples at the end.

> I have tried this install on two different disks on this machine
> with the same results (changing the BIOS to get to the 2nd disk).

I had an older system that would not boot with a GPT partition, I had to use an MBR partition (I was using ZFS for boot drive).

I have also had others report that they needed to set the BIOS to Legacy for SATA controllers instead of AHCI in some cases.

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