Can't boot FreeBSD.

Joseph Olatt joji at
Mon Aug 10 16:13:39 UTC 2015

On Sun, Aug 09, 2015 at 04:46:33PM -0600, reg at wrote:
> I have done what appears to be a clean install of FreeBSD 10.1,
> but on the 'reboot' the intel boot falls thru to the ethernet
> boot, as if there isn't any info in the boot block.
> I have tried this install on two different disks on this machine
> with the same results (changing the BIOS to get to the 2nd disk).
> There was once a copy of PCBSD running on this machine, so its
> got to be possible to get FreeBSD up, but I just seem to be 
> waisting time trying to get it up.
> Any thoughts?
> I would really like to get FreeBSD up on this box.

Could be a couple of issues here:

 (1) MBR does not contain boot0 image, like you said. 
 (2) BIOS is not seeing the hard disks.

For #1, I would try the "automatic partionting" (or whatever that
is called). If that is what you were using, then wonder why MBR is 
not getting written out.

For #1 & #2, I would try a quick install with another OS (like OpenBSD 
or Linux) to see if the behavior is different. If the other OS boots up
then you could focus on why MBR is not getting populated.

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