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Wed Aug 5 20:19:27 UTC 2015

On Tue, 4 Aug 2015, doug wrote:

> First this is on a test system so no harm [or not], no foul.
> I started with an ISO for 9.1, added the security changes and then tried to
> update 9.1 --> 9.2. I was given a non-ending series of files in /etc (with no
> local changes) to merge. I did half-a-dozen or before stopping the process
> and doing a rollback.
> I have two questions:
> (1) uname -a shows:
>    FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE-p15 FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE-p15 #0:
>    Mon Nov  3 20:31:29 UTC 2014
>    root at  amd64
>    while 336 of 354 file show releng/9.1 and none have 9.2. So is it 9.1
>    with a false indicator or is it messed up? The system is running the
>    GENERIC kernel.
> (2) Section 24.2.1. The Configuration File - from the handbook says
>     "... The file merge process is a series of diff(1) patches similar
>      to mergemaster(8), but with fewer options. Merges are either accepted,
>      open an editor, or cause freebsd-update to abort. When in doubt,
>      backup /etc and just accept the merges."
>    How is this done with freebsd-update? The format of the files presented
>    must be changed.

I have done this (9.1-->9.2) three times after this and can not duplicate the 
conditions where /etc was not updated, so I conclude user error.

There is no way (I am pretty sure) to avoid manually editing each file that the 
update process presents. In upgrading to 9.2 /usr/lib32 was dropped. This is 
corrected by adding world/lib32 to freebsd-update.conf. On my last update I 
tested the src procedures procedures to remove obsolete files. All worked in 
that nothing was done, the files had been removed and /usr/lib32 was correctly 
updated with its obsolete files removed by freebsd-update.

Next I am doing 9.2-->9.3. This gets:

freebsd-update install
Installing updates...install: ///usr/src/contrib/bind9/libtool.m4 exists but is
not a directory
install: ///usr/src/contrib/bind9/libtool.m4/libtool.m4: Not a directory
install: ///usr/src/contrib/bind9/libtool.m4/ltoptions.m4: Not a directory
install: ///usr/src/contrib/bind9/libtool.m4/ltsugar.m4: Not a directory
install: ///usr/src/contrib/bind9/libtool.m4/ltversion.m4: Not a directory

Completing this upgrade requires removing old shared object files. Please 
rebuild all installed 3rd party software (e.g., programs installed from the 
ports tree) and then run "/usr/sbin/freebsd-update install" again to finish 
installing updates.

As I am testing on base base system with no ports or anything other than what 
was installed by requesting src and lib32 on a from scratch install there is, by 
definition, no 3rd party stuff. So that leaves some repackaging of bind but I 
could find nothing in README, UPDATING or associated links on this. A post from 
Aug 2014 suggests

   rm /usr/src/contrib/bind9/libtool.m4 && mkdir -p /usr/src/contrib/bind9/libtool.m4
   mkdir -p /usr/src/share/man/man{4,9}

Having access to a 9.3 system I know is correct, I found libtool.m4 is indeed a 
file in 9.2 and a directory in 9.3. On my system the file had been removed and 
../share/man had the required directories so creating the directory libtool.m4 
only worked for me.

My question is, assuming the guy from the Netherlands was not a bind 
developer/expert how did he know this?? Knowing the answer I will know what to 
try the next time this error occurs, but I did not get it in real time, nor is 
it mentioned in the man page or handbook AFAICT. So RTFM does not work.

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