freebsd-update 9.1 --> 9.3

doug doug at
Tue Aug 4 21:51:30 UTC 2015

First this is on a test system so no harm [or not], no foul.

I started with an ISO for 9.1, added the security changes and then tried to 
update 9.1 --> 9.2. I was given a non-ending series of files in /etc (with no 
local changes) to merge. I did half-a-dozen or before stopping the process and 
doing a rollback.

I have two questions:

(1) uname -a shows:

     FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE-p15 FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE-p15 #0:
     Mon Nov  3 20:31:29 UTC 2014
     root at  amd64

     while 336 of 354 file show releng/9.1 and none have 9.2. So is it 9.1 with
     a false indicator or is it messed up? The system is running the GENERIC

(2) Section 24.2.1. The Configuration File - from the handbook says

      "... The file merge process is a series of diff(1) patches similar
       to mergemaster(8), but with fewer options. Merges are either accepted,
       open an editor, or cause freebsd-update to abort. When in doubt,
       backup /etc and just accept the merges."

     How is this done with freebsd-update? The format of the files presented
     must be changed.

I have questions archived back to 1/1/13 and with google I was only able to get 
a couple of broken links. So I would really appreciate any pointers even if its, 
"you can't get there from here". Thanks

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